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Are you ready to lose weight by
connecting to your body?

It's time to let go of...

  • beating yourself up for not being the weight you want to be.

  • following someone else's weight loss plan.

  • counting all the things.

  • feeling hopeless and overwhelmed about your body and weight loss. 

  • the mental gymnastics of the can I/can't I eating game.

  • hating your body.

    It's time to connect to YOUR unique and beautiful body to get to the weight you want to be. 


About Me

I learned to use food as a coping mechanism for trauma, stress, and strong emotions at a young age. For YEARS, I struggled off and on with binge eating, emotional eating, and overeating, and my weight reflected whatever I was going through emotionally. 

It wasn't until I learned about  and really began to implement the tools I now teach my clients that I've been able to retrain my brain and overcome this challenge with love and peace.

Now I love and appreciate my body, and take excellent care of it from a calm and peaceful place. I feel amazing and at home in my body. I help my clients do the same.

No matter what you've tried in the past, this can work for YOU too. 

Client Testimonials



I have struggled my entire adult life with my weight. I’m a yo-yo dieter that has always been 20-60 pounds from my goal weight. I never considered myself an emotional eater. I thought my issue was simple, I LOVE food! I love to cook and eat. I show my husband and children love through food. A nurturing I wish I had as a child, it was very important for me to take care of my family in this way.


For 25 years I was stuck in a cycle of taking care of or rewarding myself with food by eating whatever I wanted and ignoring the scale or how I felt, or punishing myself for getting out of control by doing restrictive diet plans, eating things I did not enjoy.


I later realized, through coaching with Johanna, that this was food insecurity and emotional eating. I never processed what I was doing or had the language to articulate it until I received coaching.


Johanna gave me the tools I needed to deal with the emotions, my thoughts and feelings about food. She also taught me how to really listen to my body. I learned how to identify true hunger as opposed to dealing with my feelings with a snack. I learned to recognize what food truly feels good in my body instead of eating for comfort. This was a challenge. Prior to coaching I ate what tasted good or what my diet plan said. I never paid attention to how the food made me feel in my body. 

During my coaching time with Johanna I was able to lose 15 pounds. I have maintained that loss for almost 2 years, effortlessly. Now, when I slip, I break out my Johanna tool box and get to work. When I use the ‘daily tool’ I am very successful and feel good in my body. When I get lazy and stop using it, I do not feel good in my body. I have learned that I can still cook amazing meals with foods I want to eat and still lose or maintain weight. I choose to nourish my body and reward myself with things other than food. Thank you Johanna!

My relationship with food has always been an exhausting struggle for me. Before meeting with Johanna, I had unsuccessfully tried numerous diets and meal plans. I could never comply with the rigid rules these plans demanded for any significant amount of time.


Johanna's coaching completely changed the way I view both food and my body. Instead of constantly obsessing over what I can and can't eat, Johanna taught me to listen to what my body actually wants. I knew her coaching was helping when I made chocolate chip pancakes for my children and had no desire to eat them! I lost twenty pounds using this new approach to viewing food and my body.  Johanna often went above and beyond to help me in the process of changing to a healthier mindset towards food. I wholeheartedly endorse Johanna's coaching. 


Johanna and I started out as coworkers in a public school. After a staff meeting she mentioned that she is a life coach and available to “help” any of us who might be struggling with body connection. I had never heard of a life coach and definitely didn’t know anything about body connection. I decided to meet with her and see what body connection was all about. It was the best thing I have ever done for myself! During the past 5 months Johanna has taught me how to eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. At first I was skeptical and wondered how she could help me lose weight without requiring me to follow a specific diet. I have lost over 40lbs and am still going strong! A big part of what Johanna has taught me is how to recognize and feel my emotions. I was resistant and didn’t trust anyone with my emotions. She stayed consistent and determined to help me work through some difficult life circumstances. She doesn’t sugar coat anything, but has a way of encouraging me while holding me accountable for my thoughts and actions. Learning and accepting that circumstances are nuetral has been absolute magic for me! I no longer use food for comfort or as an escape. Johanna has been and continues to be a blessing in my life.


Your body truly is a gift.

It's time to learn to see it

and treat it as one.


Ready for simple, body-focused weight-loss?

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